UPDATE: Stand With Ukraine
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Last Friday we pledged to #standwithukraine and donate 50% of our drop-in income over the weekend (25.02 – 27.02) to support Ukraine in its fight for freedom and democracy in Europe

We are pleased to say that today we were able to transfer 25,826 NOK (that’s just over 2,500 Euros) – not bad for three days!

Our loyal regulars renewed memberships, topped up clipcards and brought friends along for drop-in sauna sessions. Our fellow Fjord CleanUP partners Soup Culture donated food to the Haka event and our lovely neighbours in Aker Brygge Marlow Oslo bought passes for their staff. We are touched by the spirit and generosity of our community and thank you all from the bottom of our hearts.

We have been pretty vocal these past few days and we make no apologies. We have an international team both at Oslo Fjord Spa and Mad Goats and truly feel like we are global citizens, and ones that dearly wish to live in a free, safe and democratic world. Up until now taken many of us have taken this for granted as a birthright – but Ukraine is now showing us what it means to have to fight for this freedom!

We are proud of what we have achieved in a short space of time but we also know this is a drop in the ocean and Ukraine’s fight and suffering is, unfortunately, probably only just beginning. Therefore, we have decided to continue to donate 15% of our total income (including private bookings) to this cause for as long as it takes. Until Putin withdraws from Ukraine and peace is restored. We hope it goes without saying that everyone is welcome at Oslo Fjord Spa and in no way are we laying any blame on the people of Russia. Our intention is only to protect the freedom of Ukraine and the rest of Europe from a mad man.

As a small, independent and relatively new business just recovering from two years of corona closures we know this is a financial risk and one that I’m sure an accountant (if we had one) would advise against. We don’t say this for sympathy or to guilt people into giving, but merely for context. Decisions are never easy but, nevertheless, they must be made.

As entrepreneurs, if we can’t make the decision for ourselves and our businesses to align our actions with our words then how can we expect anyone else to? Our values are courage, growth and accountability. We are lucky enough to have the freedom to choose our values, but also a responsibility to live them, breathe them and protect the right to that freedom in the first place.

When people are asked in their later years what regrets they have it is rarely about the risks they took and what they did. They regret what they didn’t do. Failure to speak up and stand for what they know is right. Failure of boldness and kindness. What would you do if you had the courage to do anything? And the permission to decide for yourself how you use your voice and time on this earth?

Guess what? You already do.

Jemima (@fiery_and_fearless) and Tomas (@tomashansson1)

#standwithukraine #throughfireandice



haka oslo fjord spa

UPDATE: Stand With Ukraine

Last Friday we pledged to #standwithukraine and donate 50% of our drop-in income over the weekend (25.02 – 27.02) to support Ukraine in its fight

stand with ukraine

Stand with Ukraine

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