As many of you already know, Oslo Fjord Spa, Mad Goats and Fjord CleanUP will be leaving Aker Brygge after 22nd May.

After a disagreement about the re-use of Fjord CleanUP statistics, Norwegian Property ASA (the owners of Aker Brygge Marina) have decided not to renew any of our leases for another 6 months.

But it’s not all bad news! Mad Goats and Fjord CleanUP have a new ( and even better 😜) location in Tjuvholmen for this summer. And both organisations have secured long-term agreements to operate out of Bjørvika until at least 2025. 💚

We are still working on a new location to continue our amazing sauna culture and our precious community that has been forged out of the very fire and ice itself. We promise we will never give up trying and you can help by signing our petition.

You all know us personally and our passion to keep bringing our awesome activities to the people of Oslo. For our collective happiness and health, for our community, and for our planet. Adversity only makes us stronger. This, my friends, is our purpose and #goatlife

You can stay up to date on all our latest news on the usual social channels: Instagram Facebook.

Enough talk, let’s clean. Through fire and ice. Catch you on the water folks! ❤️🐐🔥❄️

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