Oslo Fjord Spa Sauna Ice Bathing Cold Plunge Wild Swimming

Oslo Fjord Spa

Through fire and ice

There is no need to book – just drop in and stay as long as you like. Only 249 kr per visit.

Remember to bring swimwear, a towel and a water bottle.

15% Student discount – see prices.

2022 Opening Times

Monday 07-10; 15-20
Tuesday 07-10; 15-20
Wednesday 07-10; 15-22
Thursday 07-10; 15-22
Friday 07-10; 15-22
Saturday 07-22
Sunday 07-20


Book a private sauna for your next event! 

Perfect for celebrating birthdays, staff parties and bachelor/bachelorette gatherings.

Freya can take up to 16 people and Fenrir can take up to 24 people.

We are open on public holidays (“red days”) for both drop-in and private events.

priavte sauna party


Give your immune system a boost this winter!

They say it takes 30 days to make a new habit so set yourself a challenge to make cold immersion and sauna part of your daily routine.

Try our drop in sauna sessions for 30 days 
– unlimited access for only 790 kr per person. 

Come as often as you want and stay for as long as you like during our opening hours.  

Our Famous Aufguss

Throughout the day our sauna master will perform an Aufguss ritual.

Each Aufguss is unique and different. The music, the choice of essential oil, the Sauna Meister’s movements.

Our guests will sweat, but also their five senses will be stimulated by the temperature, the smell, the music, and the dance of our Sauna Meisters.